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Growing Stronger


Robbie was a really skinny kid. 6’4 and 150 lbs, he was not very strong and had a hard time in gym class. Yet Robbie had his eyes on becoming a bodybuilder like his Dad.  When Robbie turned 13, his Dad bought him a set of dumbbells. Nothing fancy, just a few weights to get him started.  Robbie was so excited when he got the gift on his birthday. He immediately started doing bicep curls until...

Face Gem


It wasn’t just about the loss of vision. It was the loss of the eyes completely. When the Face Gem locks on, it eats the eyeballs and inserts its means of nervous system control through the eye socket. Apparently you lose control of your body but maintain point of perspective. This is what I’ve heard about them at least. Everyone’s story was different.  Not many people have the willpower and...



Jelliture (Jelly fish + nurture)

The Underwater Tender Pokemon

The mommy to fish and undersea creatures. This Pokemon brings food to scuba divers who come underwater.

Moves Learned: Heal Pulse/ Healing Wish/ Life Dew/ Rest